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The Ruling Elements of Nature – Part 5: Fire

This is part 5 of a 7-part series on the Ruling Elements of Nature.

Fire can provide comfort and warmth.

Fire can also burn and destroy.

The heat of fire can be felt but not touched.

Characteristics within the Fire Element include courage, fortitude, zeal and tenacity.

Wizards dominant in fire face danger without fear; they’re resolute in the confidence of their actions and determined to succeed.

However, when unchecked, determination to succeed gives way to succeeding at any cost.

This in turn rouses emotions such as deceit, spite, anger and revenge towards those who stand in their way.

We can see this is true of Raegan – he’s so obsessed with his own ambitions that nothing else matters, and he will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants most – to become the ruler of all Valentaland.

We also know this to be true of Edan – the Firelord member of the Ruling Council at the time of the Great War, who created the Fire-Walkers – evil and despicable creatures who terrorised Nadensa until apparently raising the wrath of Vrenin, who in his anger destroyed not only the Fire-Walkers, but all wizards including Edan himself, except for Lord Frederick and Raegan.

Published on November 16, 2021


Matt Galanos

Matt Galanos is the author of a fantasy fiction series about the adventures of Dane Thorburn and his friends, as they battle the growing forces of evil in the city of Brindabeare and across the whole of Valentaland.

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