The latest book in the series, 'Dane Thorburn and the Stanthorpe Rebellion' is now available!

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Dane Thorburn and the Stanthorpe Rebellion

Dane Thorburn has helped vanquish the mystical creatures wreaking mayhem and destruction across the land, and Princess Vanessa’s health has been restored.

Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge

Dane Thorburn has rescued Princess Vanessa from the City of Lost Souls, but all is not well. Four mysterious and mythical creatures are weaving trails of destruction and mayhem across the land, and it seems there is little anyone can do to stop them.

Dane Thorburn and The City of Lost Souls

Rewarded for thwarting evil Firelord Raegan's plan to kill the King and seize power for himself, Dane has joined the elite ranks of Brindabeare's Royal Knights.

Dane Thorburn and the Brindabeare Knights

Sixteen year-old Dane Thorburn’s dream was to become a knight in the Brindabeare army. Little did he know as he entered knight training that the fate of the King and all Valentaland would soon rest in his hands.