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The Ruling Elements of Nature – Part 3: Air

This is part 3 of a 7-part series on the Ruling Elements of Nature.


Air allows things to breathe.

Air can also suffocate – without air, there is no life, and there is no space.

Air can be felt but not seen – we can feel air as it blows on our face, and we notice the effect of air as it rustles the leaves on a tree – and yet, we can’t actually see it.

There is an interesting contrast between air and fire – as fire can be felt but not touched.

Air makes a fire burn brighter and water less still, but it is also is fickle and changeable and lacks consistency.

Air is everywhere – it’s not just in the sky above, or in the air we breathe.

Air gives space to everything. It can be below the earth – it can be anywhere.

Without air, there would be no place or space for anything to be created, for anything to be able to move.

If you think of a simple room – and while a room has four walls and a door, and may be full of tables, chairs and other things, it is the open space – the air – within the four walls that actually defines the existence of the room.

Characteristics within the Air Element include intelligence, perception, knowledge, learning, thinking, imagination, creativity and harmony.

Airlords actively acquire their knowledge through experience and learning. They’re curious, they have initiative, they’re original, generally well disciplined and they’re quick thinkers. They tend to think things out, rather than being influenced by the emotional or physical.

On the other hand, Airlords tend to judge themselves very harshly. Based on their thirst for knowledge and what they learn, they set certain standards for themselves and are unforgiving of themselves if they believe they don’t ‘measure up.’

And when it comes to evil, this makes Airlords crafty, underhanded and ingenious. They’re prone to physical violence, and at their worst are just plain mean, using their knowledge as a weapon. They carry a grudge and are very opinionated.


Published on October 19, 2021


Matt Galanos

Matt Galanos is the author of a fantasy fiction series about the adventures of Dane Thorburn and his friends, as they battle the growing forces of evil in the city of Brindabeare and across the whole of Valentaland.

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