The latest book in the series, 'Dane Thorburn and the Stanthorpe Rebellion' is now available!

A Key Rival

One of Dane’s rivals is Martin Fenwick; a fellow cadet who is determined to make sure Dane fails at every turn.

There’s never a dull moment with the many schemes Fenwick unleashes, and Dane learns a lot about himself as he deals with everything Fenwick is trying to do to him; culminating in an incident laid bare for all to see.

Will there be more clashes between them?

We’ll see in the next book.

Published on January 31, 2020


Matt Galanos

Matt Galanos is the author of a fantasy fiction series about the adventures of Dane Thorburn and his friends, as they battle the growing forces of evil in the city of Brindabeare and across the whole of Valentaland.

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