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Dane Thorburn and the Stanthorpe Rebellion

Dane Thorburn has helped vanquish the mystical creatures wreaking mayhem and destruction across the land, and Princess Vanessa’s health has been restored.

But when it appears everything is returning to normal once more, a series of attacks by a group of unknown raiders strikes fear across the Stanthorpe region and beyond.

Who are they – and where did they come from?

Are they connected to Candahorn and the rebel forces – or is exiled wizard Raegan, despite his mysterious disappearance, somehow behind it?

Dane is trying to piece everything together, alongside Vanessa, Will and Lord Frederick, when a tragedy of epic proportions changes the land forever, thrusting Vanessa into a role she’s not ready for, where she has to make a fateful decision.

Can they find out who is behind the attacks and save the lives of many, or will they be too late?

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ISBN › 978-1-922920-58-4
Genre › Fiction, Fantasy
Pages › 292

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