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After saving Princess Vanessa from the City of Lost Souls, Dane Thorburn has to deal with another problem, because, of course, there’s no opportunity for heroes to rest—dragons. A significant threat follows our character throughout their journey, and it’s enough to keep your eyes glued to the page.

Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge by Matt Galanos is a fantastical and adventurous story that deals with mystery and mythical beings and is a story that challenges the norms of certain archetypes, such as the hero and the Princess. Accompanied by Lord Frederick, Will, and other memorable characters, Dane needs to figure out precisely what these mythical beasts are doing, how they came to be, and what they want with the Princess.

Within this exciting story, there. It isn’t a moment where adventure isn’t happening. Every chapter is full of questions and excitement, and by the end of every chapter, events are happening in ways that will make you want to read the next chapter and then the next—it’s a book I didn’t want to put down. Though there are grammatical errors here and there, it’s nothing too bad to the point where you can’t understand what is trying to be said.

A large cast was introduced, all by name, in the first few chapters. Each was diverse in personality and appearance, and the author did a great job of keeping everyone distinctive. Every character mentioned, whether they stay throughout the entire book or are only there for a moment, has a striking personality that sets them apart from one another. It’s extremely impressive, and it takes a great author to distinguish so many distinct personalities.

Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge is a captivating young adult and teen fantasy novel. Though some moments can be confusing, the exploration, adventure, and memorable characters do an even greater job of making such a fantastic book come to life. If you’re looking for a fantasy adventure, I definitely recommend this book.

Literary Titan

Review of Dane Thorburn and Nature's Revenge. Posted on Literary Titan.

This book actually surprised me, since I liked this book more than I thought I would. First off, I loved the writing style. This is one of the main things that really makes (instead of breaks) this book. From the very beginning, I was drawn in, and not necessarily because of a jaw-dropping or wow-worthy beginning, but because of an intriguing writing style that really pulled me in and made me want to keep reading. One thing that bothered me a tiny bit, was that some of the characters just seemed a little too trusting, however, considering that this is more of a middle-grade novel, this trait fits the story. All in all, I enjoyed this book, it exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely recommend this book to those who are big fans of a fantasy adventure, as well as those who aren’t.


Review of Dane Thorburn and the City of Lost Souls. Posted on Goodreads

I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the world of Brindabeare and am excitedly looking forward to forthcoming sequels! The plot is riveting and moves at a good pace with a delightful balance of action, fantasy, and steadfast friendship. I have already recommended this novel to numerous friends!


Review of Dane Thorburn and the Brindabeare Knights. Posted on Booktopia.

I really enjoyed this book. A great read for all ages. One of those books you can’t leave down and you find yourself wanting more from each chapter. Highly recommended and looking forward to the sequel and reading more about the adventures of Dane Thorburn.


Review of Dane Thorburn and the Brindabeare Knights. Posted on Booktopia.

Impossible to put down as you follow the adventures of Dane Thorburn. Looking forward to the next instalment.


Review of Dane Thorburn and the Brindabeare Knights. Posted on Booktopia.

Swords, knights and adventure all rolled out into one. Recommended for all ages. A great read!

Mark West

Review of Dane Thorburn and the Brindabeare Knights. Posted on Amazon & Goodreads.

Matt Galanos sets us on the desperate search to save a princess in Dane Thorburn and the City of Lost Souls! After thwarting Firelord Raegan, Dane Thorburn is accepted into the Royal Knights. But when Princess Vanessa is kidnapped, Dane must prove his innocence and journey into the dangerous realm of the City of Lost Souls in order to save her. It was fun getting to explore the strange fantasy realm of Valentaland in this fast-paced tale. The schemes are dastardly and the characters entertaining in this magical romp through a fascinating fantasy world. If you’re looking for a fun more light-hearted fantasy adventure, come slash your way to saving a princess with The City of Lost Souls!

Joshua Grant

Review of Dane Thorburn and the City of Lost Souls. Posted on Amazon & Goodreads.

The narrative is rich in strange and dangerous people and places. These places are full of magic, of descriptions that enchant you and terrify you. The dialogue has its well-defined place in this creation. The story takes us into a world where you don’t know if you have to walk with fear or with the courage of the knight who has to save the princess. Matt Galanos transports us into a world of unforgettable characters. If you let your imagination run wild, go through these realms of storytelling, you have the chance to understand a little of what wingless flight means.

Mihai Brinas

Review of Dane Thorburn and the City of Lost Souls. Posted on Goodreads.
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